What is The New Albion?

The New Albion is a newsletter providing Christian commentary for a changed Britain.

Christian life in 2023 is incomparable in the West to what it was in 1923. We have entered what many call “the Negative World”, and Christians need to think hard about how to live faithfully in it. The New Albion is trying to help such thinking, with a focus on like in the UK in particular.

“Albion” is an old name for Britain, a land whose history is long, complex, and still unfolding. Yet it has fallen into strange times—hence the name of this Substack.

Also: “The New Albion” sounds like a pub name, and many of the best things in life happen in pubs.

Who am I?

My name is Rhys Laverty. I’m an evangelical Christian, an editor and a writer, and I live in Chessington with my wife and two children.

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Rhys Laverty

I'm an editor and writer based in the UK. Alongside The New Albion, I serve as Senior Editor of Ad Fontes and as Managing Editor at The Davenant Press.